SoluBrux Knirscherschiene grün - Dental Rail for Body Care

SOLUBRUX Knirscherschiene grün

Shop SoluBrux Knirscherschiene grün, a certified dental rail from Switzerland. It is a green body care product designed to provide relief from teeth grinding. Available at Beeovita, your source for healthy products.
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The SoluBrux anti-grinding tooth splint green is an adjustable anti-grinding splint that is suitable for people who grind their teeth, especially at night. By heating the material in hot water, it becomes deformable, so that the upper teeth are pressed in deeply when biting into it and the splint is shaped accordingly. In this way, the anti-grinding tooth tray is easily and dynamically adapted to the individual dentition in just a few minutes.

The SoluBrux anti-grinding tooth splint relieves the teeth and the temporomandibular joint because the pressure is evenly distributed.

The SoluBrux anti-grinding dental splint is made of the same material as high-quality splints from the dentist and/or dental technician.


Place the SoluBrux anti-grinding dental splint in hot water for a few minutes. The material becomes soft and malleable due to the heat. Then put the anti-grinding splint in your mouth and bite down hard for one minute. The upper teeth leave the individual shape of the denture.

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