Octenisan washing lotion bottle 150 ml

Octenisan Waschlotion Fl 150 ml

Buy Octenisan Washing Lotion online at Beeovita. This liquid body care product contains skin-friendly surfactants and has a skin-neutral pH. Suitable for all skin types.
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Liquid body care Cosmetics


Wash lotion for skin and hair based on selected care substances, skin-friendly surfactants and octenidine.

- mild and gentle wash lotion for skin and hair – for washing the whole body with MRE – suitable for all skin types – skin-neutral pH value – free of dyes and perfumes Areas of application: – for washing the whole body (incl. washing the hair and showering) e.g. B. in MRE - suitable for all skin types, including soap hypersensitivity or allergy-sensitive skin - for mild and gentle washing of patients before surgery - for washing amputation stumps and to support infection prophylaxis and prevention of recurrence and secondary infections - particularly suitable for use Intensive care and infection wards

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