Farfalla Zitronen Äthöl Bio Fl 10ml

FARFALLA Zitronen Äth/Öl Bio

Discover the pure and natural benefits of Farfalla Zitronen Äthöl Bio Fl 10ml. Certified organic lemon essential oil for diffusing, skincare, and refreshing your home.
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Farfalla Zitronen Äth/Öl Bio Fl 10 ml

The Farfalla Zitronen Äth/Öl Bio Fl 10 ml is an essential oil that is extracted from fresh lemon peel through a process of cold pressing. This essential oil is certified organic, making it a pure and natural product that is safe for use.

The aroma of lemon essential oil is fresh, clean and energizing, making it a popular choice for diffusing in homes and offices to create an uplifting and invigorating atmosphere. The scent of lemon essential oil may also help to improve concentration, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Lemon essential oil is also used in natural skin care and beauty products due to its antiseptic, astringent and detoxifying properties. It may help to cleanse the skin and promote a brighter, more even complexion.

The Farfalla Zitronen Äth/Öl Bio Fl 10 ml can be used in a variety of ways, such as adding a few drops to a diffuser or vaporizer, mixing with carrier oils for use in massage or skincare, adding to bath water or using in cleaning products to freshen and disinfect.

Experience the refreshing and uplifting scent of lemon with the Farfalla Zitronen Äth/Öl Bio Fl 10 ml.

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