Excipial Pruri Lote Tb 200ml
Excipial Pruri Lote Tb 200ml

Excipial Pruri Lote Tb 200ml

Excipial Pruri Lotion 200 ml

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The more often the skin comes into contact with irritating, skin-damaging or allergy-causing substances, the more likely the natural protective mechanisms of the skin will be exhausted. The result is that the body's own defense against these exogenous substances overreacts and triggers an inflammatory reaction.

The easily spread Excipial Pruri Lotio is particularly suitable for the care of dry and itchy skin due to age-related dryness or climatic conditions. In addition, the feeling of tension on the skin is reduced. The antipruritic and soothing effect is achieved by adding menthol, glycerine and vegetable oils.


Excipial Pruri Lotio can be used one to several times a day. It should be applied to the skin at the first sign of itching. Scratched areas should be left out, as the menthol can cause burning in open wounds. It is only recommended for children from the age of three; it can be used during pregnancy.

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  • Excipial Pruri Lotion 200 ml

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