Axeta Acetate Alumina Gel Tb 100 g
Axeta Acetate Alumina Gel Tb 100 g

Axeta Acetate Alumina Gel Tb 100 g

Axeta Essigsaures Tonerde-Gel Tb 100 g

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Storage temp. min 15 / max 25 ℃
Axeta Alumina gel Acetate


The use of Axeta is recommended instead of moist compresses for all forms of minor, blunt (bloodless) injuries such as bruises, contusions, sprains and strains (without severe bruising) as well as skin abrasions and skin irritations, sunburn, insect bites and skin irritations caused by sweating (burning feet) or sores.

Axeta comes in a pleasantly cooling gel form and contains the well-known acetic clay (also called acetic clay), supplemented by the caring properties of chamomile and arnica. Acetic tartaric clay protects the skin from the penetration of pathogens. Due to its cooling properties, Axeta helps relieve pain from blunt injuries and relieves itching from insect bites. The chamomile extract cares for sensitive and inflamed skin and the arnica tincture supports the natural regeneration of the skin.

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