Starwax the fabulous citric German \/ French 400 g

Starwax the fabulous Zitronensäure deutsch/französisch 400 g

Certified in Europe CE. Amount in pack : 1 g. Weight: 445g. Length: 75mm. Width: 75mm. Height: 140mm.
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Starwax The Fabulous Citric Acid is ideal as a descaler for things like kettles and coffee machines. But it is versatile. Remove deposits from coffee or tea cups and rust from metal objects.

Recipe ideas

To descale a kettle: Only leave enough water in the kettle to cover the heating element and the calcified areas. Add a teaspoon of citric acid, turn on the kettle, then rinse.


Causes serious eye irritation. Keep out of the reach of children. Use protective clothing.

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