Back Relax Gel Cream for Pain Relief
Back Relax Gel Cream for Pain Relief

Back Relax Gel Cream for Pain Relief

DUL-X Back Relax Gel Creme 75 ml

Relieve back pain and tension with Back Relax Gel Cream from Beeovita. This cream provides cooling and deep heating action to alleviate muscle discomfort.
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Back pain Muscle relaxation Pain relief Back relax gel cream


The gel cream can relieve pain and tension in the back and lower back. It cools first and then works deep down with heat.


The Dul-x Back Relax Gel Cream can reduce pain and release tension. It initially cools and relieves pain. The body then tries to compensate for the cooling through increased heat production and blood circulation is promoted.


Apply the gel-cream sparingly to the affected area and without Massage pressure.

This product is CE-marked. This guarantees that European safety standards are met.

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