Actimove Clavicula Comfort L - Collarbone Support

ACTIMOVE Clavicula Comfort L

Get the Actimove Clavicula Comfort L, a certified collarbone support. Perfect for treating broken collarbones. Shop now at Beeovita for quality body care & cosmetic products from Switzerland.
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Cat. F
Available 1 pieces
Non refundable / non exchangeable.
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Amount in a pack. 1
Storage temp. min 15 / max 25 ℃
Body care & cosmetics Clavicle support Armband backpack


Characteristics of Actimove clavicle Comfort L

Certified in Europe CE

Storage temp min/max 15/25 degrees Celsius

Amount in pack : 1 pieces

Weight: 0.00000000g

Length: 0mm

Width: 0mm

Height: 0mm

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