Lubex Anti-Age Day Light Cream | Beeovita
Lubex Anti-Age Day Light Cream | Beeovita

Lubex Anti-Age Day Light Cream | Beeovita

Lubex anti-age Day light Creme 50 ml

Hydrate and protect your skin with Lubex Anti-Age Day Light Cream. This light cream is designed for normal to slightly greasy skin, and it prevents wrinkling while increasing skin elasticity. Shop now at Beeovita and keep your skin young and firm.
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Day cream • for normal to slightly greasy skin • hydrates intensively • protects against free radicals • prevents wrinkling • increases skin elasticity • with UV protection

Has a lower lipid content (fat content) due to the light texture formula and is therefore on the one hand the ideal anti-aging starter care for younger skin and on the other hand also the optimal anti-aging care for the normal to slightly greasy facial skin and for combination skin.

  • hydrates and plumps up the skin from the inside (HAF, hyaluronate)
  • protects against free radicals (ectoine, provitamins C + E)
  • prevents wrinkling (polypeptides, coenzyme Q10)
  • increases skin elasticity (micro-algae extract)
  • Lubex anti-age day light penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin, hydrates intensively, works against oxidative stress, keeps the skin young and firm for longer and makes the skin feel smooth.

    Additional properties:

    • without preservatives (airtight and light-tight packaging guarantee long shelf life and good hygiene);
    • without coloring agents< /li>
    • Without allergenic perfumes
    • Successfully dermatologically tested
    • With innovative UV protection in a special encapsulation system

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