CYSTODRAIN exchange set CH10 3ml 5 pcs

CYSTODRAIN Wechselset CH10 3ml 5 Stk

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CYSTODRAIN Change Kit CH10 3ml 5 pcs

The CYSTODRAIN Change Kit CH10 3ml 5 pcs is a medical device used for the removal of urine from the bladder. The kit includes a CH10 3ml cystostomy catheter, a 60cm length of tubing, a drainage bag, and sterile accessories required for catheter insertion. The catheter is made of flexible latex-free material with a rounded tip to minimize the risk of trauma during insertion.

Designed for ease of use and comfort, the CYSTODRAIN Change Kit comes equipped with a secure drainage bag to collect urine, a curved needle for puncturing the bladder, a spring-loaded skin stapler for closing the catheter site, and sterile gloves for the practitioner. The kit is suitable for use in both clinical and home-care settings, allowing for the management of urinary incontinence, urological surgeries, and other medical conditions affecting the urinary tract.

The CYSTODRAIN Change Kit is a one-time use medical device, ensuring maximum hygiene and safety for patients and healthcare providers. The kit is manufactured in compliance with international medical standards and is CE certified.

Overall, the CYSTODRAIN Change Kit CH10 3ml 5 pcs is a reliable and effective solution for the safe removal of urine from the bladder, providing comfort and convenience to patients and healthcare providers alike.

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