3M Futuro Back Bandage S / M
3M Futuro Back Bandage S / M

3M Futuro Back Bandage S / M

3M Futuro Rückenbandage S/M

Certified in Europe CE. Amount in pack: 1 piece. Weight: 234g. Length: 103mm. Width: 128mm. Height: 230mm. Buy 3M Futuro Back Bandage S / M online from Switzerland.
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Body care & cosmetics Back and kidney support


The stabilizing 3M FUTURO back bandage provides a comfortable hold in the lumbar region and stabilizes your back. The skin-friendly and breathable material ensures a comfortable fit and the supportive padding helps to specifically relieve back pain. The adjustable straps also ensure an optimal fit, individual stabilization and compression adjustment.

The 3M FUTURO back bandage helps to relieve pain from lumbago (lumbago) and acute and chronic back pain.

The latex-free material used here consists of urethane, polyester and nylon.

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