EXMONTE Marmot Ointment Pot 100 ml
EXMONTE Marmot Ointment Pot 100 ml

EXMONTE Marmot Ointment Pot 100 ml

EXMONTE Murmeltier Salbe Topf 100 ml

Get your EXMONTE Marmot Ointment Pot 100 ml from Beeovita. This ointment, formulated with shea butter and olive oil, is perfect for relaxing muscles and promoting natural regeneration.
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Marmot ointment


Marmot ointment with shea butter and olive oil to relax muscles.


For centuries, the oil obtained from marmot fat has played a very important role for us humans. Due to its special properties, marmot fat has always had a very wide range of uses.

Our proven folk liniment can be applied to the neck, shoulders and back areas, as well as to the upper, lower arms and legs. Work the ointment in in a circular motion and massage in. This relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation in the skin. This stimulates natural regeneration. The beneficial effect sets in after just a few days.

Our marmot ointment is completely free of paraffins.


Apply twice Apply the marmot ointment to the affected area every day and massage it gently into the skin. Stop for 1 week if used for a maximum of 3 weeks.


Avoid getting the ointment on open wounds, mucous membranes or in the eyes. If allergic reactions occur - discontinue use. Not suitable for babies and small children.

Our marmot ointment is manufactured according to the strictest criteria. Marmot ointment contains, among other things, the following pure essential oils: spruce needle oil, mountain pine oil and menthol. These ingredients are carefully selected and strictly controlled.

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