Sportusal assan thermo cream Tb 100 g
Sportusal assan thermo cream Tb 100 g

Sportusal assan thermo cream Tb 100 g

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What is Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream and when is it used?

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties as well as circulation-enhancing and warming properties and accelerates the regression of swelling.

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream does not smear or grease.

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream is suitable as a supportive measure for the local treatment of rheumatic complaints of the musculoskeletal system, including muscular pain such as muscle tension, stiff neck and lumbago.

When should Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream not be used?

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream should not be used if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients or to other pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances.

Do not apply Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream to the eyes, mucous membranes, open wounds or damaged skin.

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream should not be combined with bath therapies.

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream should not be used in the case of known heparin-induced/associated thrombocytopenia (HIT, heparin-induced lack of blood platelets).

When is caution required when using Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream?

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream should not be applied to large areas over a long period of time, unless expressly prescribed by a doctor.

Inform your doctor, pharmacist or druggist if you have already used similar products (rheumatism ointments) and these have led to allergic reactions, if you suffer from other diseases, have allergies or other medicines (including those you bought yourself! ) ingest or apply externally.

Can Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream be taken/used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream should not be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding unless specifically prescribed by a doctor.

How do you use Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream?


Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, apply Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream 2-3 times a day in a 5-10 cm long strand to the affected areas and the surrounding skin areas and massage in.

The place of application should be free of drugs and cosmetics.

Tell your doctor if your symptoms worsen or have not improved after 2 weeks.

Wash your hands thoroughly after rubbing in Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream.


The use and safety of Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream in children has not yet been tested.

Follow the dosage given in the package leaflet or prescribed by your doctor. If you think the medicine is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

What side effects can Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream have?

In rare cases, skin irritations are possible due to the circulation-enhancing and warming properties. Rarely local allergic reactions. In these cases, treatment with Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream should be discontinued.

If you notice any side effects that are not described here, you should inform your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

What should also be noted?

Do not ingest and keep out of the reach of children.

Store Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream at room temperature (15-25 °C). The medicinal product may only be used up to the date marked “EXP” on the container.

Your doctor, pharmacist or druggist can provide you with further information. These people have the detailed information for specialists.

What does Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream contain?

1 g Sportusal assan thermo cream contains as active ingredients: 35 mg flufenamic acid, 100 mg hydroxyethyl salicylate, 5 mg benzyl nicotinate, 300 IU heparin sodium as well as aromatics and other auxiliary substances.

Registration Number

58408 (Swissmedic).

Where can you get Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream? What packs are available?

Sportusal Assan Thermo Cream 50 g and 100 g is available in pharmacies and drugstores without a doctor's prescription.

Marketing Authorization Holder

Permamed AG, 4143 Dornach.

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