Omega-life Gel Capsules 500 mg 60 pcs
Omega-life Gel Capsules 500 mg 60 pcs

Omega-life Gel Capsules 500 mg 60 pcs

Omega-life Gel Kapseln 500 mg 60 Stk

Buy Omega-life gel capsules 500 mg 60 pcs online from Switzerland at Beeovita. We offer a wide range of healthy products including Omega-life gel capsules.
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Size, mm 23
Type Kaps
Dose, mg 500
Amount in a pack. 60
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Omega Life is a dietary supplement with the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in a highly concentrated and easy-to-take form: Just 1 capsule covers the daily requirement of these essential unsaturated fatty acids and also provides the body with vitamin E (oxidative).


EPA/DHA have protective properties on the cardiovascular system. Contribute to normal brain function and vision. Maintain normal blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. The fatty acids are also important building blocks of cell membranes.

The fish oil

The corresponding fish oil is obtained from natural fish stocks between New Zealand and Antarctica. The preparation takes place in a standardized process, which ensures quality and purity.


Take 1 capsule daily. It does not have to be taken with meals, but is recommended in the event of unpleasant belching.

Do not take if you have an existing fish allergy

1 capsule contains

energy 40 kJ (9 kcal)
proteins 0.24 g
carbohydrates 0.02g
of which sugar 0.02g
fat 0.95g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.07
of which monounsaturated fatty acids 0.11g
of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.75g
of which DHA 200mg
of which EPA 300mg
EPA and DHA 500mg (100%*)
Vitamin E 12 mg (100%*)
*of the recommended daily dose


Fish oil concentrate [fish species : anchovy, sardine, mackerel (wild catch), catch area: South Pacific, place of processing: Norway]; edible gelatine (beef); humectants: glycerin, sorbitol; Vitamin E

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