Bilasto ankle bandage S heel closed beige

Bilasto Fussgelenkbandage S Ferse geschlossene beige

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The Bilasto ankle bandage with a closed heel provides mechanical support for the upper and lower ankle, preventing incorrect posture and excessive stress on the joints. In addition, the bandage helps to prevent further injuries and ensures the right compression. The slight pressure stimulates the metabolism and thus promotes blood circulation in the joint capsules. This leads to pain relief and a decrease in swelling. The functionality of the foot is not restricted. The muscles are activated, which accelerates the healing process in the case of blunt injuries.

Bilasto bandages are medical bandages that have to fit perfectly in order to guarantee the most comfortable wear possible. They are therefore made seamlessly using a circular knitting process and are also stretchy lengthwise and crosswise, non-slip and have no pressure points.

This ankle bandage is beige in color and size S (20-21cm).

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