AUER Petri dish 90x20mm plastic

AUER Petrischale 90x20mm Kunststoff

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The AUER 90x20mm plastic Petri dish is the perfect tool for any laboratory in need of reliable and durable culture plates. Made of high-quality, transparent plastic, these Petri dishes are designed to facilitate bacterial, fungal, and cellular growth in a safe and easy-to-use environment.

The AUER Petri dish is 90mm in diameter and 20mm in height, with a flat, stackable surface that allows for maximum storage efficiency. The clear plastic material is ideal for observing the growth and morphology of microorganisms, making it an essential tool for researchers, educators, and clinicians alike.

These Petri dishes are also designed for easy handling and stacking, with a smooth, flat base that prevents any accidental spills or contamination. The sturdy construction of the AUER Petri dish ensures that it can withstand rigorous handling and autoclaving, making it a cost-effective and reliable choice for any laboratory's culture needs.

The AUER 90x20mm plastic Petri dish is sold in packs of 10 or 20, making it easy to obtain the necessary quantity for any research project or experiment. With its quality materials, convenient size, and user-friendly design, the AUER Petri dish is the perfect choice for all your laboratory culture needs.

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