NOVAFIL blue C-14 3-0 12 pcs

NOVAFIL blau C-14 3-0 12 Stk

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Novafil Blue C-14 3-0 12 pcs

The Novafil Blue C-14 3-0 12 pcs is an excellent surgical suture product for use in a variety of medical procedures. It is made of monofilament polybutester material, which provides long-lasting strength and durability. The suture thread size is 3-0, making it ideal for delicate suturing applications, such as plastic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and neurosurgery.

This suture product is coated with a layer of silicone, which provides smooth passage through tissues, helping minimize damage to surrounding tissue. The blue color of the suture is highly visible, allowing for easy identification and maneuvering during the surgical procedure.

The Novafil Blue C-14 3-0 12 pcs comes in a convenient pack of 12 individual sutures, which are sterile and ready for use out of the package. The needles are precision-crafted, making it easy to pass through tissues with minimal trauma. This product is designed to provide exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring that sutures remain in place for extended periods of time without breaking apart.

Overall, the Novafil Blue C-14 3-0 12 pcs is an excellent choice for medical professionals looking for high-quality, dependable suture products. Its monofilament material, silicone coating, and precision needles make it an ideal choice for delicate surgical procedures, allowing for a smooth and successful surgical outcome.

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