Aesculafit Gel for Heavy Legs
Aesculafit Gel for Heavy Legs

Aesculafit Gel for Heavy Legs

Aesculafit Gel Tube 150 ml

Aesculafit Gel invigorates tired legs and relieves the feeling of tension and heaviness. Formulated with sweet clover and horse chestnut, it supports skin connective tissue and promotes a feeling of well-being.
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AESCULAFIT Gel for heavy legs

Aesculafit Gel invigorates your tired legs and leads to a feeling of well-being. Sweet clover and horse chestnut relieve the feeling of tension and heaviness in the legs and support the connective tissue of the skin. Calendula calms and cares for your skin, supported by the essential oils of lavender and cypress.

Application: Apply thinly in the mornings and evenings starting from the heels, repeat during the day if necessary. Avoid sunbathing your legs. Do not bring gel into contact with open wounds or mucous membranes (eyes). Contains no preservatives.

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