Spersallerg Gtt Opht Fl 10 ml

Spersallerg Gtt Opht Fl 10 ml

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Eye irritation Eye drops Allergy


Spersallerg eye drops contain antazoline, an antiallergic, and tetryzoline, which constricts blood vessels and reduces redness and irritation in the eye. Spersallerg is used to treat eye irritation such as hay fever, spring allergy and other non-infectious, inflammatory symptoms of the eye (e.g. from chlorine or ozone in swimming pool water).

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What is Spersallerg and when is it used?

Spersallerg eye drops contain antazoline, an antiallergic, and tetryzoline, which constricts blood vessels and reduces redness and irritation in the eye. Spersallerg is used to treat eye irritation such as hay fever, spring allergy and other non-infectious, inflammatory symptoms of the eye (e.g. from chlorine or ozone in swimming pool water).

What should you watch out for?

This medicine was given to you by your doctor, pharmacist or druggist to treat your current eye problems. Do not use it on your own to treat other ailments or other people. If you need to use other medicines in your eyes at the same time as Spersallerg eye drops, you should discuss this with your doctor, pharmacist or druggist so that an optimal schedule for the individual applications can be set up. There must be an interval of 5 minutes between the individual applications between two medicinal products administered locally to the eye.

Note for contact lens wearers

Wearing contact lenses is generally not indicated for allergic eye problems. Therefore, only put the contact lenses back in when the allergy has subsided. However, if you are dependent on wearing contact lenses, remove them immediately before applying the drops and put them back on at least 15 minutes after application. Remember that your eyes are more sensitive to contact lenses if you are allergic or if you are being treated with Spersallerg.

When shouldn't Spersallerg be used?

If you have a known or suspected hypersensitivity (allergy) to an ingredient in Spersallerg. If you suffer from angle-closure glaucoma (glaucoma) or if you have to take psychotropic drugs from the MAO inhibitor group at the same time, you should refrain from treatment with Spersallerg. Spersallerg should not be used in children under the age of 2 years.

When is Spersallerg to be used with caution?

This medicine is not intended for long-term use.

The medicinal product must not be used for longer than 2-3 days unless expressly prescribed by a doctor. If there is no improvement within 2-3 days, a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted. If it even gets worse or if new symptoms appear (e.g. a decrease in visual acuity), a doctor or pharmacist must be consulted immediately. Spersallerg should be used in children and elderly patients (from 65 years of age) and in patients suffering from diseases such as "dry eyes" or increased intraocular pressure, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or diabetes in old age, hyperthyroidism, dry nasal mucosa, eye infections , urinary problems and an enlarged prostate should be used with caution.

If you use other eye medicines at the same time as Spersallerg, there must be an interval of at least 5 minutes between the individual applications. Caution is advised when using Spersallerg with other drugs or alcohol: sleeping pills, opioid-based pain relievers, anxiolytic sedatives and antipsychotics, atropine, certain antidepressants, bromocriptine, digitalis, beta-blockers, guanethidine, reserpine, methyldopa or antihypertensive drugs, cyclopropane, halogenated Anesthetics such as chloroform, halothane, enflurane, or isoflurane.

This medicinal product contains 0.0023 mg benzalkonium chloride per drop equivalent to 0.05 mg/ml eye drops, solution.

Benzalkonium chloride can be absorbed by soft contact lenses and may discolour the contact lenses. You must remove the contact lenses before using this medicine and wait 15 minutes before putting them back in.

Benzalkonium chloride can also cause eye irritation, particularly if you have dry eyes or diseases of the cornea (the clear layer at the front of the eye). Contact your doctor if you get an unusual feeling, burning or pain in your eye after using this medicine.

Spersallerg can cause drowsiness, drowsiness or blurred vision, which can affect your ability to react, drive and use any tools or machines. If any of these symptoms occur during use, you should refrain from driving or using machines until they resolve. This effect can be increased if you take alcohol or medicines that have a sedating effect at the same time.

Inform your doctor, pharmacist or druggist if you suffer from other illnesses, have allergies or are taking other medicines (even those you bought yourself!) or use them on your eyes.

Can Spersallerg be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

If there is a possibility of pregnancy, you may only use Spersallerg with the express permission of your doctor, pharmacist or druggist or .the doctor, pharmacist or druggist. Spersallerg should not be used during breast-feeding.

How do you use Spersallerg?

Adolescents and adults

Per day 1 drop in the given conjunctival sac of the eyes. In the acute stage of the allergy, 1 drop can be used every 3 hours.

Children from 2-12 years:

Put 1-2 drops daily in the conjunctival sac of the eyes. With one hand, hold the dropper bottle as vertically as possible over the eye with your head tilted back, with the other hand pull the lower eyelid down slightly and let a drop fall into the conjunctival sac by pressing on the bottle (do not touch the eye with the dropper end).

The use and safety of Spersallerg in children under 2 years of age has not been tested.

Close your eye for about 3 minutes to prevent the drop from entering your nose through the nasolacrimal duct. You can improve the effect by applying cold compresses to your eyes beforehand.

If you miss a dose, put the eye drops in your eyes as soon as you remember the dose. Do not use a double dose to make up for a missed dose.

Follow the dosage given in the package leaflet or as prescribed by your doctor. If you think the medicine is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

What side effects can Spersallerg have?

The following side effects can occur when using Spersallerg:

Frequency not known (cannot be estimated from the available data)

slight, temporary burning and stinging in the eyes, local hypersensitivity reactions, increase in intraocular pressure, dilation of the pupil and - change, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, dry eye, and redness of the eyes (also known as reactive redness after stopping the drug). Despite the small dose that is dropped into the eye, active substances contained in eye preparations can enter the bloodstream. Palpitations, irregular heart activity, heart pain, increased blood pressure, sweating, drowsiness, dizziness, tremors, excitement and headaches can occur with drugs from this class of active ingredients. Spersallerg overdose can also cause nausea and hypothermia (particularly in children under 2 years of age) and central nervous system depression, which can lead to short and shallow breathing, coma, and a severe drop in blood pressure.

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or druggist. This also applies in particular to side effects that are not listed in this leaflet.

What else needs to be considered?

Shelf life

The medicinal product may only be used up to the date marked on the container with « EXP» can be used.

Use by after opening

Once the bottle has been opened, the contents must not be used for more than 30 days.

To avoid possible microbial contamination (contamination) of the eye drops, the dropper tip should not come into contact with hands or eyes. Close the bottle immediately after use and always keep it tightly closed.

Storage Instructions

Store in the closed original packaging at room temperature (15-25°C) and out of the reach of children.

Further information

After the end of the treatment or after the expiry of the consumption period, leftover medicines must be handed over to the doctor or pharmacist for correct disposal.

Your doctor, pharmacist or druggist can provide you with further information. These people have the detailed information for specialists.

What does Spersallerg contain?

1 ml eye drops, solution contains:

Active ingredients

Antazoline hydrochloride 0.5 mg, tetryzoline hydrochloride 0.4 mg


Benzalkonium chloride, hypromellose, sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid 10% for pH adjustment, water for injections.

Approval number

37272 (Swissmedic)

Where can you get Spersallerg? What packs are available?

In pharmacies and drugstores, without a doctor's prescription.

Drop bottle of 10 ml.

Authorization holder

THEA Pharma S.A., 8200 Schaffhausen

This leaflet was last checked by the drug authority (Swissmedic) in February 2022.

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