Thuasne Orthoflex wrist strap L 16cm right skin-colored
Thuasne Orthoflex wrist strap L 16cm right skin-colored

Thuasne Orthoflex wrist strap L 16cm right skin-colored

Thuasne Orthoflex Handgelenkband L 16cm rechts hautfarbig

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Thuasne Ortho Flex Wrist Band L 16cm Right Skin Color

The Thuasne Ortho Flex Wrist Band is an effective and comfortable solution for wrist support during activity, rehabilitation or after an injury. It is designed to provide support, compression and stabilization to the wrist, which allows for faster healing and reduces the likelihood of reinjury.


  • Designed for use on the right wrist.
  • 16 cm size band fits wrists of 17-19 cm circumference.
  • Made of breathable, lightweight materials that allow for extended use without discomfort.
  • Adjustable straps allow for easy customization of compression and support to individual needs.
  • The open thumb design allows for full range of motion, enabling people to perform their daily activities easily.
  • Skin color provides a discreet appearance for everyday use.


  • Helps provide pain relief and support for individuals suffering from wrist pain, arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, repetitive motion and post-operative recovery.
  • The band design helps keep the wrist stable, while allowing for hand function and mobility.
  • The lightweight, breathable materials ensure maximum comfort and less irritation from extended use.
  • Easy-to-adjust straps help provide customized compression and support to meet individual needs.
  • The discreet skin color allows for use at work, gym, or any social setting.

Overall, the Thuasne Ortho Flex Wrist Band provides excellent value for money, combining top-quality material and design to offer superior wrist support and comfort. Additionally, the product is easy to use and maintain, and comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Try the Thuasne Ortho Flex Wrist Band today and experience its benefits for yourself!

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