100 ml liq Malvedrin Chäslichrut - Beeovita
100 ml liq Malvedrin Chäslichrut - Beeovita

100 ml liq Malvedrin Chäslichrut - Beeovita

Malvedrin Chäslichrut liq 100 ml

Soothe skin irritations and maintain healthy mucous membranes with 100 ml liquid Malvedrin Chäslichrut from Beeovita.
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The mallow (Chäslichrut) is one of the oldest useful plants in history and has been of particular importance as a medicinal plant for centuries. Its ingredients have a soothing effect on skin irritations and keep mucous membranes healthy.


Malvedrin® is grandmother's classic and supports the natural one protective function of the skin. It consists of a full extract of mallow leaves and camomile blossoms obtained through a gentle process and contains the active plant ingredients in a natural form.

Malvedrin® is an effective natural alternative for treating and preventing irritated skin, redness and chapped skin. It is proven and safe and particularly suitable for sensitive skin, ideal for children.

Malvedrin® liquid is ideal for gargling, as a mouthwash, as a poultice, for compresses and for hand or sitz baths.
For the care of minor superficial skin irritations, the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat, skin irritations in the intimate and anal areas

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