3M Microfoam plaster 100mmx5m 3 pcs
3M Microfoam plaster 100mmx5m 3 pcs

3M Microfoam plaster 100mmx5m 3 pcs

3M Microfoam Schaumstoffpflaster 100mmx5m 3 Stk

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3M Microfoam Foam Patches 100mmx5m 3 pcs

Experience comfort, flexibility and effective wound care with 3M Microfoam Foam Patches. This product is a 3-piece pack of 100mm by 5m foam patches that are versatile for different types of medical applications.

These foam patches are made of unique elastic foam that conforms easily to various body contours, giving way to an even distribution of pressure. They are also latex-free, making them safe for latex-sensitive individuals.

The 3M Microfoam Foam Patches are designed primarily for wound management. They can be applied on post-operative wounds, lacerations, and abrasions for securing wound dressings and reducing skin irritation.

The patches' unique properties also make them efficient in compression therapy. They can be applied to provide support and compression for injured joints and muscles, reducing swelling and promoting quicker recovery.

This product is easy to apply and remove, making it convenient for long-term wound management. The foam patches come in a convenient roll form, and each sheet can be cut to customize to meet the specific needs of your wound care.

Experience maximum comfort and flexibility with 3M Microfoam Foam Patches.

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