Refectocil Eyelash Color No. 1 deep black

REFECTOCIL Wimpernfarbe Nr 1 tiefschwarz

Get the perfect mascara for long-lasting, deep black eyelashes with Refectocil Eyelash Color No. 1 at Beeovita, your trusted source for healthy products from Switzerland.
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Mascara Eyelash color Eyelash


Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with Refectocil simply look better! The lashes appear significantly longer and more voluminous because the coloring emphasizes the full length of the tips bleached by the sun and water. Light eyebrows can be emphasized with a dark color; dark eyebrows can be lightened to match bleached hair or the brightness and shade can be matched to any hair color.


Refectocil Oxydant Liquid Developer 3% is required for every application of Refectocil Colors

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