Solarcaïne Pain-Relieving Lotion with Lidocaine
Solarcaïne Pain-Relieving Lotion with Lidocaine

Solarcaïne Pain-Relieving Lotion with Lidocaine

Solarcaïne Lot Tb 85 ml

Solarcaïne is a cooling and pain-relieving lotion containing lidocaine. It provides relief for light sunburn, minor burns, insect bites, and minor skin abrasions. Buy Solarcaïne for effective skin itch relief.
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Pain-relieving lotion Skin itch relief Lidocaine Skin irritation relief Sunburn relief


Solarcaïne® lotion with the active ingredient lidocaine is cooling and pain-relieving. For light sunburn, minor burns, insect bites and minor skin abrasions and skin irritations.

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What is Solarcaïne and when is it used?

Solarcaïne Lotion is a local analgesic and antipruritic preparation and is used for mild lesions associated with sunburn, insect bites, skin abrasions and irritations, and first-degree burns (minor burns).

Solarcaïne is easy to apply to the skin, non-greasy and non-staining.

When should Solarcaïne not be used?

If you are hypersensitive to the ingredients, you should not use Solarcaïne. Solarcaïne should not be used on skin injuries or weeping skin symptoms.

When is caution required when using Solarcaïne?

Solarcaïne may only be used on infants and children under the age of 2 years on the instructions and under the supervision of a doctor . Solarcaïne should not get in your eyes or mouth. If irritation or rash occurs, use should be discontinued. Solarcaïne should not be used on large areas or over a long period of time. In the case of purulent and infected wounds, you should consult your doctor. The risk of absorption through the skin is increased in case of skin inflammation (e.g. sunburn). Inform your doctor, pharmacist or druggist if you suffer from other illnesses, have allergies or are taking other medicines (including those you bought yourself) or using them externally!

Can Solarcaïne be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

There are no controlled studies available in pregnant women. For this reason, Solarcaïne should be used with caution during pregnancy. As a precaution, you should avoid taking medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding or ask your doctor, pharmacist or druggist for advice.

Lidocaine passes into breast milk and Solarcaïne should therefore not be used during breast-feeding.

How do you use Solarcaïne?

Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor:

Adults and young people from the age of 2: Apply a thin layer to the affected areas of skin several times a day.

Infants and children under 2 years of age: Solarcaïne may only be used on the instructions and under the supervision of a doctor.

Follow the dosage given in the package leaflet or as prescribed by your doctor. If you think the medicine is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

What side effects can Solarcaïne have?

For some people, the use of Solarcaïne can cause local irritation or hypersensitivity reactions, especially contact allergies. In this case, the treatment must be interrupted and you should no longer use this remedy.

If you notice side effects that are not described here, you should inform your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

What else do you need to know?

Solarcaïne should be stored at room temperature (15-25°C) and out of the reach of children. The medicinal product may only be used up to the date marked “EXP” on the container.

Your doctor, pharmacist or druggist can provide you with further information. These people have the detailed information for specialists.

What does Solarcaïne contain?

1 g lotion contains 10 mg lidocaine as an active ingredient. It also contains isopropyl myristate, propylene glycol, flavorings, the preservatives E 216 and E 218 (propyl ester and methyl parahydroxybenzoate), benzethonium chloride, benzyl alcohol and other additives.

Approval number

26146 (Swissmedic).

Where can you get Solarcaïne? What packs are available?

Solarcaïne is available in pharmacies and drugstores without a doctor's prescription.

There are 85 ml tubes.

Authorization holder

VERFORA SA, Villars-sur-Glâne.

This leaflet was last checked by the Medicines Agency (Swissmedic) in January 2017.

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