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Optimal health with Swiss manufactured products from Biomed

Optimal health with Swiss manufactured products from Biomed

With strong presence in health distribution of food supplements on the Swiss market - company Biomed AG has been operating since 1951 and during that time it has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality supplements. Today, among its brand partners there are hundreds of companies, private doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in Europe and beyond.

The company supplies the most popular products of high quality mineral complexes which are used as an additive to the basic diet, preparations for the control of body weight, as well as medicines required for the treatment of respiratory infections.

The brand is also specialized in personal care for the improvement of the condition of hair and nails. In addition, the company is actively involved in research projects, providing the the market of new, more modern and effective preparations.

The product range of the company Biomed AG, presented in our catalog, covers a wide range of mineral supplements to make up the necessary balance of active substances in the body.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Allsan special complexes which combine just three active ingredients: zinc, manganese and chromium, necessary for the normalization of metabolism in the body and improves in overall the elevated levels of blood sugar.

Multivitamin complex, as well as capsules of plant-based origin, used as a natural source for Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of vegetarians and people with intolerance to fish oil. Allsan series - minerals that allow to adjust the acid-base balance in the body.

Herbal capsules based on linseed oil are for replenishing the body's deficiency of vitamin E and natural fatty acids are responsible for the regulation of cholesterol in the blood.

Monopreparational - formulas for example Magnesium in granular form. A powerful combination of vitamin C and zinc, which is realized in the form of chewable lozenges with bright fruit flavors,for both children and adults.

Weight reduction - under control

Products used for the control of body weight. For example, REDUFORTE tablets, which provides the basis for a combination of polyphenols and other biologically active components, allowing to achieve a significant reduction in the absorbability of the fat food.

Preparation Liposinol Biomed for achieving the desired harmony would be a simple and easy thing to do, regardless of the initial body weight.

No matter what supplements you choose from the famous Swiss distributor, you can have confidence in the top quality of the purchased products.

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