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How to deal with dry, cold air in the winter

How to deal with dry, cold air in the winter

Why arewe more prone to flu and infectious diseases in the winter? Temperatures dropin winter and cold air has less humidity. It is a very simple physical fact:The higher air temperature, the more water is dissolved in the air whichresults in higher humidity. In reverse, at lower air temperatures there is lesswater, or humidity which we inhale with every breath.

Such cold, low-humidityair dries out the nasal mucous membranes. We feel it as dry nose and somepeople even suffer from nose bleeding. The nasal mucous is the protectionshield against many aerosols such as bacteria and infectious bodies.

A dry noseis less resistant to such aerosols and bacteria can easily enter the bloodsystem through the dried membranes - we suffer from flu. We can support theweakened nasal defense mechanism by moisturizing the air in the rooms in ourhomes and offices. We can also treat the nose directly with specific aqueoussprays or nasal ointments. Our suggestion is Bepanthen Nasensalbe in from of avery handy, pocket-size ointment, or Otrivin Natural Aloe Vera in form of a 100ml nasal spray.

How to deal with dry, cold air in the winter    How to deal with dry, cold air in the winter

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