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Probiotics, because Healthy Guts means Healthy Mind!

Probiotics, because Healthy Guts means Healthy Mind!

Our abdomen hosts 400 different species of bacteria approximately, without mentioning those that exist on our skin. Our gut works as a protective layer against various harmful pathogens that have invaded our digestive tract and will eventually be absorbed by the circulatory system causing us health issues.

Bacteria of the bowel are very important and are even found in breast milk. Bacteria also play an important role in enhancing enzyme functions as well as for the metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides to maintain blood pressure stable.

Mental health is complex and is affected by many factors, such as chronic stress, inflammation and other diseases. Diet is the basis of our health, the whole body benefits from a diet that takes care of our body properly and provides it with all the necessary nutrients.

Here are the top seven probiotic killers that can prevent your body from getting all the tremendous probiotics benefits it needs:

Prescription antibiotics;
Tap water;
GMO foods;
Emotional stress;
Chemicals and medications.

Important sources of probiotics are the following foods: Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi, Sour Cream, Dark Chocolate, Onions, Artichoke, Miso, Raw Cheese, Kwass.

Also you should supplement your diet with fibers from fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes. We also need to stay hydrated, consume foods with anti-inflammatory properties and take our probiotics.

The most important thing you can do to improve bowel and brain communication is to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits. If we want to reduce our stress levels It is also very important to sleep properly, exercise and replenish bacteria if we consume antibiotics.

But the problem is that we are always looking for some magic pill we can take and be healthy. Unfortunately, it does not exist. As soon as we realize that we should be active, do sports, eat a healthy diet, sleep enough, have a rest and avoid alcohol, cigarettes and other bad habits, we start the right path towards a healthy lifestyle.

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