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High quality natural supplements from Swiss manufacturer Phytopharma.

High quality natural supplements from Swiss manufacturer Phytopharma.

Phytopharma AG company entered the market of natural healthcare products more than two decades ago, in 1993, and since then it is actively developing its activities in Switzerland. The natural medicine manufacturer was firstly consisted of only two people, today it confidently provides the market with products for the health at an expert level. With quality standards at top level, Phytopharma is considered to be among the highest in Switzerland.

Nutritional supplements of high quality

Today Phytopharma manufactures several dozen of products. Natural supplements, biologically active food  additives, care products for face and body, sports ointments and balms, natural candies and lozenges with herbs to treat diseases of the throat and airway - all these products are popular among customers due to high efficiency, convenient for application and exclusively with natural composition.

No artificial colors and preservatives are used, relying solely on time-tested recipes and the experience of many generations of Swiss phytotherapeutics. Most of the products presented in our catalog are widely used - they can be used successfully to cope with the shortage of vitamins, dry skin or mucous membranes. Vitamin-mineral complexes - such as "Basen", "Beta Sun", "Calcium", are distinguished by good digestibility, thanks to which it is possible to achieve better results in the prevention of vitamin deficiency and other diseases.

You can buy in our catalog preparations for boosting your immune system from Phytopharma - consisted of highly prophylactic agents. With their help, you can significantly reduce the risks of seasonal colds and strengthen your immunity. Capsules and tablets based on mono - extracts of ginseng, cranberry, guarana, Omega 3 and 6 acids, soy protein, allow for ease of taking the necessary biologically active components and contribute to a significant improvement in their assimilation by the body.

Wide selection - reasonable prices

You can find in the catalog of our website all the available products to purchase from Swiss manufacturer Phytopharma. We offer certified products of high-qualityand we are always ready to provide all necessary information about the conditions of ordering, purchasing and delivery of products. Provide to yourself the best quality natural products - from one of the most experienced manufacturer for health in Switzerland based on natural medicinal supplements, make today your purchase from our catalog, at any convenient time online.

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