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Burgerstein Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit Vitamins for pregnancy and lactation.

Burgerstein Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit Vitamins for pregnancy and lactation.
A woman's body during pregnancy and breast-feeding is undergoing significant changes. During this period, it is especially important to ensure that the need for vitamins and nutrients is covered, because it affects the health of not only the mother but also the baby. Therefore it is very important to choose a quality vitamin complex and dietary supplement, that will compensate for the increased needs of the female body during pregnancy.  We offer you through our website to purchase a high quality, effective nutritional supplement made in Switzerland from the Swiss company Burgerstein.

The effect of health supplement Burgerstein Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit

The body of a pregnant woman feels the need for support, because otherwise it may disrupt the normal development of the baby. In order to provide for the child and mother, Swiss company Burgerstein has created a vitamin complex - Burgerstein Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit. The structure of vitamin complex includes folic acid which is required for normal development of the central nervous system of the child, as well as iron, contributing to an increase in hemoglobin volume and in turn supplies the fetus with oxygen.

Also, the complex includes vitamins that improve metabolism: it helps to compensate for the needs of the female body during pregnancy and lactation, and also helps the child to develop normally.

Burgerstein Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit: the perfect balance for the mother and child

Formulation is strictly balanced: it contains the required amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that support the mother in the difficult period of pregnancy and lactation. The specific nutritional supplement has a beneficial effect on the body of the child, both during the formation of the fetus, and during breast-feeding when the baby gets everything it needs from the mother's milk.

Importantly, Burgerstein Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit does not contain harmful preservatives, colorants and fragrances, and is completely harmless to health without causing allergic reactions.

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