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Prepare for the winter season with Swiss High Quality Supplements Burgerstein

Prepare for the winter season with Swiss High Quality Supplements Burgerstein

Every year in many regions of the world, winter weather shows how the cold season is to be - a test for our body. Our diet changes, with less of ground vegetables, fruits and berries available in the winter season. As a result our body is more prone to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

  • With less number of sunny days per month, reduced daylight creates the conditions for lack of vitamin D, which is formed in our skin by sunlight. Vitamin D helps with calcium metabolism, and the shortage of it causes weakness, muscle pain. To make up for calcium deficiency, the body begins to use the supply contained in the bones, thus weakening them.
  • The air humidity levels are lowered, outside in nature and inside our homes due to heating. The dry air not only affects the skin, hair and nails - in such conditions our body humidity evaporates 1.5 - 2 times more, we have to drink more water, which increases the load on the kidneys and heart. On the surface of the mucous it reduces the level of antibacterial enzyme lysozyme, thus immune system levels drop.
  • In the fall, winter and spring, you and your families are especially needed vitamins and minerals, to strengthen the cardiovascular system, your hair and nails, eyes, joints, nervous system etc. The range of vitamin supplements Burgerstein protects the body from negative factors of the cold season in full and in all necessary directions.

Swiss vitamin supplements - why should you trust them?

Brand Burgerstein from company Antistress AG is a major Swiss brand in health supplements, it is a supplier of nutritional supplements for the Swiss Olympic team, the National Association SwissSki and Swiss Triathlone, which constitutes from more than 100 professional athletes. For 7 consecutive years Burgerstein products has received the award "Brand trust". Burgerstein products range includes more than 80 supplements.

Uncompromising quality

Burgerstein supplements are produced in Rapperswil, Switzerland, in-house company, keeping the relevant standards of GMP, PIC / S, as well as strict internal requirements of the Swiss standards.


Complex technology is used for the development of orthomolecular supplements, allowing to maximize the useful effects in the intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal ingredients.

Proven effectiveness

The composition of each specialized vitamin complex is designed in such a way to exclude components from antagonistic effect on each other. All Burgerstein products are clinically tested and have a Swiss conformity certificates.

Is it possiAble to buy health supplements Burgerstein outside Switzerland?

Beeovita Switzerland company provides all the products from Burgerstein line:

  • Health: multivitamin complexes, specialized supplements, vitamins for admission during pregnancy and lactation
  • Beauty: vitamins for healthy skin, strong nails vitamins, complexes to reduce the negative effects of solar radiation
  • Sports: supplements to improve blood circulation and energy metabolism, muscle building
  • Longevity: preparations for detox and antioxidant action, geriatric complexes
  • Discover the benefits of Burgerstein Supplements by placing an order from our website. Fast delivery worldwide with Swiss post.

Take care of your health! Use original, high-quality nutritional supplements!

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