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Bimbosan Bio Prontosan powder 5-grain refill 300 g

Bimbosan Bio Prontosan Plv 5-Korn spezial refill 300 g

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Type Plv

Easily digestible and well filling 5-grain organic bottle additive and porridge made from barley, millet, rice, wheat and rye, refined with a little cocoa, fennel and chamomile powder for babies from 5 months. Bio Protosan is made in Switzerland, has no added sugar and can be used as an evening or morning drink.

  • no added sugar
  • Swiss made
  • contains gluten


  • for bottles
  • for porridge
  • for homemade porridge


Prepare every meal fresh. Breast milk is best for the infant. Protosan is only part of a mixed diet and must not be used as a breast milk substitute for the first 5 months.


Grain flours 95% (rice (IT), wheat (CH), barley (EU), corn (IT), millet (EU)), barley malt extract 3% (EU), low-fat cocoa powder, fennel and chamomile powder, antioxidants (strong tocopherol-containing extracts), vitamin B1

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