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Emosan Sport Ankle Support L

emosan sport Sprunggelenk-Bandage L

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  • Brand:: EGLI AG
  • Product code: 6535682
  • Group 1

Product description

Emosan sport bandages impress with their perfect fit and trendy design. The bandages made of breathable and moisture-wicking material are suitable for every type of sport. Pressure-minimized edges ensure a high level of comfort and anatomically knitted for a precise fit.

  • To stabilize the ankle during sports
  • To reduce the risk of future injuries
  • For ankle sprains
  • With an overload syndrome


Ankle bandage L: 24 - 26 cm


If you experience pain or discomfort, please contact your doctor immediately.


60% polyamide, 40% elastane
Without latex, suitable for hand washing.

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