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Bimbosan Organic Millet refill 300 g

Bimbosan Bio-Hirse refill 300 g

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About product

  • Brand:: BIMBOSAN AG
  • Product code: 5454036
  • Group 1
  • EAN: 7610994001094
  • MPN: 457300978
  • Amount in a pack: 1 g
  • Storage temp: min 15 / max 25℃

In order for a child to grow up healthy and happy, it needs, in addition to a lot of love and attention, a wholesome and natural diet. Bimbosan has developed the feel-good system, which contains different categories:

  • filling
  • sensitive stomach
  • loosening the stool
  • stool stabilizing
  • sleep through the night

In this way it is possible to respond individually to the needs of the children.

The Bimbosan organic millet is suitable for babies who have to press too hard and are still very hungry. The product is a gluten-free, natural bottle additive and porridge made from guaranteed organic millet. The millet used for this product is of the highest quality and is organically grown and treated according to the strict Bud guidelines. It does not contain granulated sugar and is suitable for the preparation of bottles and porridge if the child is no longer sufficiently satisfied with the usual milk alone after 4 months.

Bimbosan organic millet loosens up your baby's bowel movements and is also suitable for a sensitive stomach. In addition, millet promotes beautiful skin and strong hair and fingernails.

Feel-good system

Bimbosan organic millet belongs to the feel good categories filling, stool loosening and sensitive stomach.

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