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Lubex Anti-Age Day Cream 50 ml

Lubex anti-age day classic 50 ml

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  • Brand:: PERMAMED AG
  • Product code: 3674147
  • Group 1

  • Type Creme
    Lubex Anti-Age Day Cream 50 ml
    Lubex Anti-Age Day Cream 50 ml

The Lubex Anti-Age Day Cream is suitable for normal to slightly dry skin and has a medium lipid content. It promotes the regeneration of the skin and thereby reduces signs of aging. The skin looks more vital and fresher again and is replenished from the inside.

Active ingredients:

  • Highly effective peptides: promote the production of collagen and inhibit its breakdown
  • Dipeptide complex: has a relaxing effect on the fine muscle fibers and thereby reduces wrinkles
  • Highly active fragments of natural hyaluronic acid: give the skin long-lasting moisture

The formula is also suitable for sensitive skin and is free from preservatives, allergenic perfumes, dyes and paraffin oils.

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