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HerbaChaud heating patches 19x7cm 6 pcs
HerbaChaud heating patches 19x7cm 6 pcs

HerbaChaud heating patches 19x7cm 6 pcs

HerbaChaud Wärmepflaster 19x7cm 6 Stk

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HerbaChaud has a pleasantly relaxing effect and is effective against back pain, muscle tension and rheumatism.

HerbaChaud, the natural heat plaster, box of 6 Patches

HerbaChaud natural heat patches are physical, odorless, heat patches that emit deep-acting heat for up to 12 hours. The HerbaChaud heat patch consists of 100% natural and plant-based active ingredients.
No chemical substances that penetrate the body.
Even ideal for allergy sufferers
No skin irritation
Even for longer periods treatment cycles, there are no side effects
Very simple application - the patient can choose the time of the treatment himself (preferably use overnight)
Long, constant deep heat effect (warms at least 12 hours)

Helps with:
Muscle and joint pain as a result of muscle tension, arthrosis, overexertion, strains and sprains
Back pain and lower back pain
Tension in the neck and shoulder area
Menstrual cramps
The HerbaChaud heat plaster is the further development of a traditional mixture of minerals and herbs from traditional Chinese medicine. In combination with a new type of heat technology, it relieves and inhibits pain and inflammation. After opening the packaging, the mixture begins to work with the incoming oxygen and release the soothing heat.

HerbaChaud® natural heat patches are physically effective, odorless heat patches that provide up to 12 hours of deep-acting heat (40° C) deliver. The long-lasting heat promotes blood circulation in muscles and joints.
Why is HerbaChaud only available in one size?

HerbaChaud is not a heat cushion. The specialty of HerbaChaud lies in its long-lasting and constant deep warmth. This is concentrated on the trigger point (round hole in the mineral coating). The depth effect reaches the whole area around the pain point.

Is HerbaChaud suitable for allergy sufferers?
HerbaChaud is made with hypoallergenic adhesive and does not contain any essential oil components (e.g. menthol / camphor).

Does HerbaChaud have to be used specifically?
We recommend using it overnight. Knead lightly after tearing open the package and stick on about 1 hour before bedtime. Please read the package leaflet (17 languages).

How do I use HerbaChaud on difficult areas (e.g. knees, elbows)?
We recommend that the HerbaChaud also be attached vertically with two adhesive tabs attached HerbaChaud Kinesio Tape strips.

This product is CE certified. This guarantees that European safety standards are met.

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