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Epi No Delphine Plus Obstetric Trainer

Epi No Delphine Plus Geburtstrainer

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  • Epi No Delphine Plus Obstetric Trainer
    Epi No Delphine Plus Obstetric Trainer

The pelvic floor trainer EPI-NO Delphine Plus for birth preparation and postnatal training was developed with gynecologists, midwives and pregnant women.

So that you and your child can start a new life well prepared, you can do something before the birth: With EPI-NO Delphine and EPI-NO Delphine Plus you can actively support and shape your birth preparation. Through the gentle, targeted and regular training with EPI-NO, you can effectively prevent painful perineal injuries during childbirth - e.g. a perineal incision or a perineal tear. Good preparation, shorter expulsion phases, less complicated births also mean less stress for your baby.

A large proportion of all women giving birth are affected by birth injuries. A perineal massage alone is often not enough for prevention, or it is simply perceived as uncomfortable. Possible consequences of a dam injury are inflammation, scars, pain during bowel movements, but also pain during sex. Stress incontinence or a prolapse of the uterus can also occur as late effects.

The idea that led to the development of EPI-NO originally came from midwives in Africa: There, pregnant women prepare - even today - naturally for childbirth by stretching and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with calabash gourds. This will reduce the risk of damaging the perineum. From this old African tradition, the soft, inflatable silicone balloon from EPI-NO is a modern medical product.

EPI-NO is designed and approved as a 'single user device' - ie for use by only one woman. Due to the material used, the parts of the device cannot be clinically sterilized after use. So before you take over a used one from a friend, you better leave it whole. A possible transmission of germs from woman to woman poses a serious risk during pregnancy - not for you, but for your baby!

Also included in the Plus version

In contrast to the Epi No Delphine, Epi No Delphine Plus also contains a pressure display, with which the pressure and thus the progress of the training can be monitored and made visible (biofeedback). The more the pelvic floor muscles are tensed, the greater the pressure on the balloon.

This allows you to feel and train exactly the right muscle groups and control your training success.

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