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Sidroga verbena 20 Btl 1 g
Sidroga verbena 20 Btl 1 g
Sidroga verbena 20 Btl 1 g
Sidroga verbena 20 Btl 1 g

Sidroga verbena 20 Btl 1 g

Sidroga Verveine 20 Btl 1 g

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  • Brand:: SIDROGA AG
  • Product code: 1303659
  • EAN: 7680416870102
  • Active substance:
  • Amount in a pack: 20 g
  • Storage temp: min 15 / max 25℃
Type Tees
Origin PHYTO
Substance Verben,

Sidroga verbena tea is used both for states of tension and for nervous indigestion.

Swissmedic-approved patient information

Sidroga® verbena, tea

Sidroga AG

Herbal medicinal product


What is Sidroga Verbena Tea and when is it used?

Sidroga Verbena Tea contains lemon leaves (Verveine ) in dried form and finely chopped quality. Calming properties are traditionally attributed to the leaves of the lemon tree.

Sidroga verbena tea is used both for states of tension and for nervous indigestion.

What should be considered?

In the case of persistent or recurring states of tension and nervous digestive problems, it is advisable to consult a doctor and have the causes clarified . Stomach pain that manifests itself as pain or pressure pain in a specific area or is associated with a general feeling of illness requires a medical evaluation. Remember that certain stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, nicotine, as well as certain medications such as painkillers and rheumatism drugs can cause stomach problems.

When should Sidroga verbena tea not be used or only with caution?

Sidroga verbena tea should not be used if there is a known hypersensitivity to verbena, especially its essential oil.

The use of this medicine is not recommended in children under 6 years of age.

Tell your doctor, pharmacist or druggist if you

  • suffer from other diseases
  • have allergies or
  • take other medicines (including those you bought yourself!).
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Can Sidroga verbena tea be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Based on previous experience, there is no known risk for the child when used as directed. However, systematic scientific investigations have never been carried out. As a precaution, you should avoid taking medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding or ask your doctor, pharmacist or druggist for advice.

How do you use Sidroga Verbena Tea?

Adults and school children from the age of 6 take 1 cup up to 5 times a day during or as needed after meals; to promote sleep, 1 to 2 cups should be taken half an hour before bedtime.

Preparation: Pour boiling water over one tea bag per cup and let the bag steep in it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then take out the tea bag and squeeze it out lightly over the cup. Only use one tea bag per cup of tea and only sweeten your tea after removing the tea bag from the cup. You can use both natural and artificial sugar for sweetening.

The use and safety of Sidroga Verveine Tea in children under the age of 6 has not yet been tested.

Follow the dosage given in the package leaflet or as prescribed by your doctor. If you think the medicine is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

What side effects can Sidroga Verbena Tea have?

No side effects have been observed for Sidroga Verbena Tea when used as intended. If you nevertheless observe side effects, inform your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

What else needs to be considered?

Sidroga Verveine Tea should be kept at room temperature (15-25°C) and out of the reach of children.

The double-chamber bags in aroma protection packaging may only be used up to the end marked on the container with «Exp.» designated date are used.

Your doctor, pharmacist or druggist can provide you with further information.

What does Sidroga Verbena tea contain?

1 double chamber bag contains 1.0 g of dried and finely chopped lemon bush leaves (verbena).

Approval number

41687 (Swissmedic).

Where can you get Sidroga Verbena Tea? What packs are available?

In pharmacies and drugstores, without a doctor's prescription.

Boxes of 20 double chamber bags in aroma protection packaging.

Authorization holder

Sidroga AG, 4310 Rheinfelden.

This leaflet was last checked by the drug authority (Swissmedic) in April 2010.

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