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Omron Pad L für AVAIL

The Omron Pad L für AVAIL is a medical device accessory designed to be used with the Omron Avail TENS unit. The pad is a self-adhesive electrode that attaches to the skin on the area of the body that requires therapy.

The Omron Pad L für AVAIL is a large-sized pad that provides a wide coverage area. The pad is designed to be used for larger muscle groups such as the back, hips, and thighs. The soft and flexible pads conform to the body's shape, ensuring maximum contact with the skin for optimal therapy delivery. This makes it ideal for people with chronic pain in the lower body and mid-back.

The Omron Pad L für AVAIL also features a long-life design that allows for multiple uses. It is recommended that users replace the pads every few applications to ensure they remain sticky and deliver the maximum amount of therapy. Each pack comes with two pads.

Whether you are looking to manage chronic pain, improve circulation, or relieve muscle tension, the Omron Pad L für AVAIL is the perfect accessory for your Omron Avail TENS unit.

Product Features

  • Self-adhesive electrode pad
  • Large-sized pad for wide coverage area
  • Soft and flexible pads conform to the body's shape
  • Long-life design allows for multiple uses
  • Two pads per pack
  • Compatible with Omron Avail TENS unit

Experience the benefits of TENS therapy with the Omron Pad L für AVAIL.

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