Beeovita Swiss Health Products

How to order

There are three simple steps to order

1. Log in / Sign up 

To login to our website click on the button "my account" in the upper right corner. Then choose "login", you will be redirected to the authorization page, where you need to enter e-mail address and the password.

You then will need to enter data in the appropriate forms.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter and receive news about promotions at our store. You must accept the "Privacy Policy"

2. Searching for products

You can use the search form, located below the phone numbers, to find the desired products.

Adding items to the cart.

To add an item to the cart, you need to go to the cart button (simply click on the product). On this page You can leave or read a review, and share it. And add it to the cart. Just click on the "Add to cart" button and the item will be automatically added to Your cart

3. Checkout

Just click on the cart and click "checkout"

You will be redirected to the "checkout" page.

There you can choose the method of payment and shipping that you want.

If you have any questions, contact us. We will be glad to help you.