Swiss health products

Notes to the health law is a Swiss company based in 8600 Duebendorf/Zurich, but not in the Canton of Zurich approved drugstore according to § 25 Abs. 1 lit. b health law (GesgG) in conjunction with § 35 Para. 1 lit. b regulation on the professions, organizations and establishments in the health sector (VBOB) and no medicinal products of Category A - D are given.

In Switzerland, the tax category regulates the selling limit for medicinal products, i.e. whether a medicinal product may be delivered with or without a prescription, and whether the tax in pharmacies, drugstores and other retail shops requires a (cantonal) authorization. Swissmedic is responsible for the award of the tax category; the ordinance on medicines (VAM) defines the categories. But ultimately, the actual list of drugs or remedies is decisive, but not the description of the category.

Medicinal products of categories A, B and C may be obtained from pharmacies; those of Category D may be obtained from pharmacies, drugstores and other retail stores with a corresponding authorization. Medicinal products of Category E are freely available for sale. This follows inter alia from article 30 of the therapeutic products act of 15. December 2000 (HMG; SR 812.21) and article 26 and article 27 of the regulation on medicinal products (VAM; SR 812.212.21). In addition, it should be noted that mail-order sales of medicinal products are generally prohibited (art. 27 HMG), but this does not apply to medicinal products of Category E (art. 2 HMG).

For this reason, does not offer any corresponding medicinal products of Category A-D.

If you see any such medicines on, please inform us immediately. The drug is in this case inadvertently and mistakenly on offer.