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Bimbosan HA Hypoallergenic infant formula 400 gram

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Hypoallergenic infant formula for children prone to allergies and extremely sensitive children. A full substitute for mother's milk. For babies with allergies since birth, as well as for babies who can not be fed on mother's milk.

Contains cleaved proteins, optimum combination of nucleotides, fatty acids and prebiotics. The mixture contains all the necessary substances required for a baby in the first months of life.
Recommended age: Since birth
- A full-fledged substitute for breast milk.
- As a complement to breast milk.
- For babies prone to allergies.
Special features:
- Hypoallergenic (HA)
- gluten free
- Made from Swiss milk
- Reduces the risk of allergies
- Additionally contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 and the nucleoids and probiotics
- A pleasant taste
- satisfying
- Well tolerated by infants
Cooking method:
Cool boiled water to 45 ° C, add the required amount of mixture, stir well.

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