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Abtei Vitamin D drops 25 ml

Abtei Vitamin D Tropfen 25 ml

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Type Tropfen
Abtei Vitamin D drops 25 ml
Abtei Vitamin D drops 25 ml

The Abtei Vitamin D drops contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth as well as to the normal function of muscles and the immune system. Although the body can produce vitamin D itself through regular exposure to sunlight, this in-house production is no longer sufficient, especially in winter, to meet the body's own needs.

  • For bones, teeth and the immune system


Take 15 drops daily with a little water.


Water, sugar; Emulsifier polysorbate 80; Medium-chain triglycerides as a carrier; Acidifier citric acid; Acidity regulator disodium phosphate; Preservative potassium sorbate; Flavor anise oil; Carrier glycerine; Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), a-tocopherol (vitamin E); Antioxidant propyl gallate.

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