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3M Nexcare patch Aqua 360 MAXI 59 x 88 mm 5 pcs

3M Nexcare Pflaster Aqua 360 MAXI 59 x 88 mm 5 Stk

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The transparent Aqua Plaster 360 ° Maxi from Nexcare is suitable for grazes, cuts or lacerations. It effectively protects against water, as this plaster sticks 360 ° around the wound. At the same time, the wound pad does not stick to the wound itself. This makes it ideal for bathing and swimming.

It still remains breathable and thus helps prevent the formation of infections.
It can be worn inconspicuously and at the same time comfortably thanks to its transparent design.

The plaster is sterile packed, which guarantees a germ-free wound treatment. In addition, only ingredients that rarely cause allergies have been used for the plaster.


The individual plaster packaging contains latex, which but not individual strips of plaster.

Which packs are available?

  • 3M Nexcare patch Aqua 360 MAXI 59 x 88 mm 5 pcs

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