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3M Nexcare Plaster Active 360° 30 pcs

3M Nexcare Pflaster Active 360° 30 Stck

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The Active Plaster 360 ° from Nexcare is suitable for scratches, cuts or grazes. Depending on their size, these can be covered with one of three different sized plaster strips. It offers protection for active people and athletes because it goes along with every movement and sticks firmly and reliably around the wound even on damp and perspiring skin.

The plaster has thick protective padding and is therefore characterized by its Longevity.
In addition, the special material lets water roll off, while at the same time it is dirt-repellent.

The plaster is sterile packed, which guarantees germ-free wound treatment. In addition, only those components have been used for the plaster that rarely cause allergies.


The individual plaster packaging contains latex, but not the individual plaster strips.

Which packs are available?

  • 3M Nexcare Plaster Active 360° 30 pcs

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