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Holle Baby Milk 1 Organic 400 g

Holle Säuglingsmilch 1 Bio 400g

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Complete food from birth or after breastfeeding. Also suitable as a supplement to breast milk. Easily digestible and tasty, gluten-free.

Only high-quality Demeter milk is used for organic baby formula 1. Demeter farmers take the species-specific characteristics of plants and animals into account. The painful dehorning of the cows is consistently avoided. By grazing on biodynamically tended meadows, the feed remains unpolluted - our guarantee for high milk quality in Holle milk foods.

The organic vegetable oils provide important fatty acids, maltodextrin (from organic corn starch) makes the food particularly creamy. The remaining approx. 1% of the ingredients are vitamins and minerals that the baby needs.

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