Beba Optipro 2 After 6 Months Ds 800 g: The Perfect Milk for Your Growing Baby

Beba Optipro 2 nach 6 Monaten Ds 800 g

Beba Optipro 2 is a protein-rich infant formula designed for babies after 6 months of age. It provides essential nutrients for your baby's growth and development, making it the perfect choice for their nutrition.
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About this product


Beba Optipro 2 After 6 Months Ds 800 g: The Perfect Milk for Your Growing Baby

As a parent, you always want the best for your baby, especially when it comes to their nutrition. That’s why we have created Beba Optipro This infant formula is specifically designed to support your baby’s growth and development after they reach six months of age.

Key Features of Beba Optipro 2

  • Optimized protein blend: Our formula contains high-quality proteins that are easy to digest, including whey protein, which is similar to breast milk.
  • Essential nutrients: Beba Optipro 2 contains essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that support your baby’s immune system, brain development, and overall growth.
  • No added sugar: We know that excess sugar can harm your baby’s health, which is why our formula contains no added sugar.

How to Use Beba Optipro 2

Beba Optipro 2 is easy to prepare and use, making it an excellent choice for busy parents. Simply mix one scoop of formula with 30 ml of water, per the instructions on the packaging. You can adjust the amount of formula and water to meet your baby’s unique nutritional needs.

Why Choose Beba Optipro 2

At Beba, we’re committed to providing the highest-quality infant formula to support the healthy growth and development of your baby. Our Optipro 2 formula is made with love, care, and precision, ensuring that your baby receives all the nutrients they need to reach their full potential. Choose Beba Optipro 2 for a happy, healthy baby.

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