3M Tegaderm Absorb wound dressing 20x20.3cm 5 pcs

3M Tegaderm Absorb Wundverband 20x20.3cm 5 Stk

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Introducing 3M Tegaderm Absorb Wound Dressing

Our Tegaderm Absorb Wound Dressing is designed to provide reliable and efficient wound care solutions. The product is specially crafted to address different types of wounds, including surgical incisions, abrasions, and lacerations.

This pack comes with 5 pieces of Tegaderm Absorb Wound Dressing, each measuring 20x20.3cm.

Features and benefits

  • Highly absorbent – The dressing has an absorbent layer that helps to quickly manage excess wound fluid, enabling a moist wound healing environment for faster recovery.
  • Waterproof and breathable – Tegaderm Absorb Wound Dressing comes with a waterproof outer layer that provides a barrier to protect against contaminants like water and bacteria. The breathable layer enhances ventilation and keeps the wound dry, minimizing the risk of infection.
  • Easy to apply – The product comes with a transparent film that allows for easy positioning and application, providing a seamless wound dressing experience for both the caregiver and the patient.
  • Comfortable – The dressing is designed with a flexible and conformable material that adapts to the wound’s contours, ensuring patient comfort throughout the healing process.
  • Minimal pain upon removal – The adhesive layer on the dressing eliminates any pain or discomfort during the removal process.

Who can use it?

Tegaderm Absorb Wound Dressing is perfect for use by medical professionals, hospitals, and individuals managing wounds at home. The product is suitable for managing different types of wounds, including post-op wounds, minor burns, and lacerations.

Overall, Tegaderm Absorb Wound Dressing allows for quick, effective and gentle wound care, providing a comfortable healing experience for patients.

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