3M Tegaderm film transparent bandage 10x25cm 20 pcs

3M Tegaderm Film Transparentverband 10x25cm 20 Stk

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3M Tegaderm Transparent Dressing Film 10x25cm 20 pcs

3M Tegaderm transparent dressing film is a versatile solution for a variety of wound care situations. This transparent dressing provides protection to the wound, allowing the caregiver to monitor the wound environment without having to remove the dressing. The 10x25cm size of the dressing is perfect for larger wounds, and the 20-piece packaging ensures that you always have a supply of dressings on hand.

Features and Benefits:

  • Transparent film allows caregiver to monitor wound environment
  • 10x25cm size is perfect for larger wounds
  • 20-piece packaging ensures a supply of dressings on hand
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Provides a barrier to external contaminants and fluids
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Conformable and flexible for comfortable wear


The 3M Tegaderm transparent dressing film is ideal for use on a variety of wound types, including surgical incisions, stage I or II pressure ulcers, and minor abrasions. This dressing is also an effective barrier against external contaminants and fluids, making it ideal for use as a secondary dressing over gauze or other wound dressings. Additionally, the conformable and flexible nature of the dressing makes it easy to use on hard-to-dress areas like elbows and knees, while still maintaining a secure fit.

Directions for Use:

  1. Ensure wound is clean and dry before applying dressing.
  2. Remove the paper backing and apply dressing over the wound, ensuring that there are no wrinkles or bubbles in the film.
  3. Smooth the dressing down on all sides, using gentle pressure to ensure a secure fit.
  4. To remove the dressing, gently lift one corner of the film and pull it back slowly.

Overall, the 3M Tegaderm transparent dressing film is a reliable and effective solution for wound care, providing protection and comfort for the patient while making it easy for caregivers to monitor the healing process.

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