Nutricia Maltodextrin 19 Powder 750g
Nutricia Maltodextrin 19 Powder 750g

Nutricia Maltodextrin 19 Powder 750g

Nutricia Maltodextrin 19 Plv Ds 750 g

Enhance your food and drinks with carbohydrates using Nutricia Maltodextrin 19 Powder 750g. It is the perfect choice for a supplementary balanced diet and provides high energy in concentrated form. This gluten-free powder is easy to use and suitable for both hot and cold food and drinks. Order now from Beeovita for a boost of energy.
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Type Plv
Origin FOOD
Amount in a pack. 1
Storage temp. min 15 / max 25 ℃

Active ingredient: Kohlenhydrate 96 g.

Tags: Wirkstoffe: Kohlenhydrate,

Gluten-free Supplementary balanced diet


Slightly sweet powder for energy enrichment of food and drinks with carbohydrates.

Composition< /h3>

Maltodextrin (from corn starch) DE 18-20..


Maltodextrin 19 is a white, water-soluble, odorless, slightly sweet carbohydrate -Powder for energy enrichment of both hot and cold food and drinks.
Food for special medical purposes (supplementary balanced diet). For diet management in patients with insufficient energy intake or increased energy requirements.
Maltodextrin 19 product properties:

  • high energy in concentrated form
  • good tolerability, easy to use
  • slightly sweet taste
  • easily soluble
  • naturally free from gluten, lactose and fructose
  • pure carbohydrate powder, free from animal and vegetable proteins and fats
  • Stable for cooking and baking


Only for enteral nutrition. Use only under medical supervision. Not suitable for exclusive nutrition. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.
Maltodextrin 19 can be used up to a quantity of 25g to enrich 100g of food or 100ml of drink with energy. The total daily amount depends on the individual energy requirement.
Maltodextrin 19 can easily be used in many preparations. It is preferably stirred into drinks and liquid to mushy foods. Fruit and vegetable purees, vegetable dishes, cream soups and fruity desserts are particularly suitable.
Preparation: Weigh or measure the required amount of Maltodextrin 19 with a measuring spoon. 1 measuring spoon corresponds to 12.5g Maltodextrin 19. Measuring spoon is included in the can. Add the Maltodextrin 19 to the required warm and cold food while stirring until completely dissolved. Prepare each serving fresh!
Maltodextrin 19 can be dissolved in cold liquid beforehand for the preparation of desserts and boiled up together with the other ingredients.

Nutritional values

< td>Exact value (=)< td>< td>
Nutritional valueQuantityper% Measuring accuracy
Energy1624 kJ100 g
Energy382 kcal100 g
Bold0 g100 g
Fat, thereof saturated fatty acids0 g100 g
Carbohydrates96 g100 g
Carbohydrates, including sugar7.6 g100 g
Dietary fiber0 g100 g< /td>
Protein0 g100 g
Salt0.004 mg100 gLess than ()


Free from
  • Cereals containing gluten and cereal products containing gluten
  • Milk sugar (lactose)


Store in a cool, dry place. Close the can tightly after use.

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