3M Tegaderm HP wound dressing 14x16.5cm oval 10 pcs

3M Tegaderm HP Wundverband 14x16.5cm oval 10 Stk

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3M Tegaderm HP Wound Dressing 14x16.5cm Oval 10 pcs

The 3M Tegaderm HP wound dressing is an effective solution for the management of a wide range of wounds. It is a transparent, waterproof, and breathable film dressing that provides optimal wound protection and allows for easy monitoring of the healing process.

The oval shape of the dressing provides greater coverage and allows for a secure fit around the wound area. The dressing is easy to apply, and the adhesive ensures it stays in place, even in areas where there is constant movement. This makes it ideal for use on joints, such as knees and elbows, as well as other high-mobility areas.

The 3M Tegaderm HP wound dressing is made of a thin film that is highly conformable, making it comfortable to wear and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. The breathable design also reduces the risk of maceration, while the waterproof barrier protects the wound from external contaminants and fluids.

This pack contains 10 pieces of the 3M Tegaderm HP wound dressing, each measuring 14x16.5cm in size. It is a versatile and cost-effective option that can be used for various types of wounds, including abrasions, lacerations, and partial-thickness burns.

Whether you're a healthcare professional or caring for a loved one at home, the 3M Tegaderm HP wound dressing provides reliable wound care and helps to promote faster healing. Order your pack today and experience the benefits of this top-quality wound dressing.

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